Sandra Dawson

Peer researcher

Sandra Dawson


Mental health advocate


Sandra is a mental health advocate and writer with bipolar disorder living in North Vancouver, BC. She created and maintains the Unsuicide Online Suicide Help, a hub for people to share suicide prevention resources and provide peer support, as well as a popular corresponding Twitter feed, to disseminate mental health resources from a peer support perspective. Sandra is a contributing writer for PsychCentral, a member of the Mental Health Commission of Canada Advisory Council, and a member of the Vancouver Coastal Health Community Engagement Advisory Network. In 2016, Sandra was honored with the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers (formerly the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award) for her exceptional work in suicide prevention and mental health.

In loving memorandum

What I do when I'm not working

Nurturing my partner and cat helps me in turn to value self-care which replenishes me to perform better at my work. I practice mindfulness, monitor triggers, and know when to step back to take better care of my mental health.


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Department of Psychiatry, University of British Columbia
420-5950 University Boulevard, Vancouver, BC