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Me Too Van: Engaging Community in Meaningful Conversations

on May 11, 2016   |    No Comments

Since the fall of 2015, some of the CREST.BD and I have been involved with a series of conversations titled “Me Too” in Vancouver, Canada. These conversations are about mental health and how it affects us all — from everyday anxieties to mental health conditions and everywhere in between. “I love … Read more

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Low and High-Hanging Fruit: Bipolar Disorder Opportunities in South Africa

on May 4, 2016   |    1 Comment

It was a hive of activity on the day of my visit to the offices of the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) in Johannesburg. Before my meeting with the SADAG staff, I perused information leaflets that described how the more rural North West Province of South Africa has … Read more

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Welcome to The Bipolar Blog

on April 1, 2016   |    No Comments

Welcome to CREST.BD’s blog! It’s all about sparking conversations with as many voices as possible. Watch our short introduction: Every month we will endeavour to blog in our four core areas of focus (more on these areas over here): Our “community engagement” category involves community-based participatory research (CBPR), where we’ll … Read more

community engagement

Empathy in the details: BYAP Forum #1

on August 11, 2015   |    No Comments

July 12 saw the first community forum of the Bipolar Youth Action Project, a collaboration of CREST.BD and the Bipolar Disorder Society of British Columbia. Held at the Victoria Event Centre, the forum welcomed 21 youth all with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder (BD), to discuss coping and wellness strategies from their perspectives. “What works for you” served … Read more

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