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4 books and comics that helped my bipolar disorder

on August 21, 2019   |    No Comments

As a person living with bipolar disorder (BD), the process of understanding my condition has been a long road. As I’ve worked towards making sense of my diagnosis, I found some of the most helpful resources to be books, blog posts and comics that addressed depression and BD, from the … Read more

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Is this hypomania, or simply creativity?

on August 12, 2019   |    1 Comment

I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 at the age of 54 in 1998. Since 1993, I’ve done some creative writing but I’ll be the first to admit that my interests in doing so have fluctuated somewhat depending on my moods. “I now believe that […] my bipolar disorder further unleashed … Read more

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Est-ce l’hypomanie, ou simplement de la créativité?

on August 12, 2019   |    No Comments

À l’âge de 54 ans en 1998, on m’a diagnostiqué bipolaire 1 lors d’un séjour de deux mois dans un institut psychiatrique. Depuis 1993, je suis devenu un passionné de l’écriture créative mais je serai le premier à admettre que mes intérêts à cet égard ont fluctué quelque peu selon … Read more

guest writers lived experience personal stories

Explore vs. Exploit: Option Exploration in People with Bipolar Disorder

on July 17, 2019   |    No Comments

Much of creative pursuit involves acts of exploration – for example, exploring new ideas, combinations of musical notes, or arrangements of color and texture on canvas. Past research has shown that people with bipolar disorder are more likely to have creative professions than those without bipolar disorder. The aim of … Read more

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