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Quoi faire? Quoi faire?

on January 10, 2018   |    No Comments

Quelques semaines passées, j’ai dû affronter une crise personnelle assez bouleversante. Compte tenu de sa nature confidentielle, je ne me sens pas à l’aise d’en révéler les détails qui malheureusement menaçaient ma tranquillité d’esprit. Par contre, maintenant que les choses se sont un peu calmées, je me sens suffisamment confortable … Read more

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Community-based and Delphi research methods: a synergistic combination

on October 4, 2017   |    No Comments

Hey, I’m Carl, a registered nurse and graduate student in public health, and I spent a few months with CREST.BD this summer as a trainee. One of the projects that I helped out with was a paper that explored combining Delphi consensus consultation and community-based participatory research methods in a … Read more

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The Power of Blogs as Vessels for Knowledge Translation

on June 28, 2017   |    No Comments

It was early 2016 when Erin Michalak approached me with the idea of creating a CREST.BD blog. As an avid blogger, I was more than happy to take leadership of what eventually became the Bipolar Blog – this knowledge translation platform you’re reading right now. After more than a year … Read more

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Healing through Forgiveness: Bipolar in the Family

on April 19, 2017   |    No Comments

The author chooses to remain anonymous out of respect for the author’s family. For resources on dealing with bipolar disorder and relationships, click here.   Perhaps I was fortunate to grow up in a time when mental health issues were kept a bit hush-hush. For me, it meant that my … Read more

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