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Round Two Wraps! An Update on the Delphi Study

Round Two Wraps! An Update on the Delphi Study

By Sara Lapsley I’m excited to share an update on our Delphi Self-Management study! “Delphi” refers to a “Delphi Consensus Consultation”: a research method that brings together various experts to complete a series of questionnaires. Each questionnaire is changed based on the answers from the last, so that the experts eventually move closer to a…

Early intervention in youth: a critical window of opportunity

Early intervention in youth: a critical window of opportunity

By Dr. Joanna Cheek I work with teens and young adults in a student health setting. As bipolar disorder usually begins in this age group, I’m often the one to make a first diagnosis. While students come to me struggling substantially with mood symptoms and seeking help, the diagnosis of bipolar disorder can still come…

Mindfulness: A valuable tool for living well with bipolar disorder

By Dr. Joanna Cheek Trend forecasters have declared 2014 to be the year of mindful living, illustrating the bloom of mindfulness into our busy world by citing the popularity Google’s ‘silent mindful lunches’, online meditation apps, and popular digital detox retreats. While mindfulness may be having its ‘coming out’ party to the mass public, it…

Webinar: Self-management techniques for bipolar disorder – Redefining bipolar ‘expertise’

Webinar: Self-management techniques for bipolar disorder – Redefining bipolar ‘expertise’

On December 12th, 2013 Dr. Erin Michalak joined with the International Bipolar Foundation to present a webinar exploring current self-management strategies and research studies in bipolar disorder. It seems a cliché that ‘self-management strategies’ – the things people do for themselves in order to cope with or improve a health condition – are an important…

On a Delphi Grey Literature Search: A big job but somebody’s got to do it

On a Delphi Grey Literature Search: A big job but somebody’s got to do it

By Sara Lapsley Over the last year and a half, CREST Team members, peer researchers, and student volunteers have put our heads together to map out the project and follow an action plan to compile data on how people with bipolar disorder manage their own mania. Along the way I’ve learned new research skills, how…

Network members receive funding for ‘Innovations in e-Health’

eHealth Research

CREST.BD Researchers have been awarded two separate1-year, $100,000 Catalyst Grant in e-Health Innovations by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR). These CIHR awards are designed to support the development of “e-health innovations by integrating, augmenting and evaluating novel health information technologies to empower patients as partners in their care, create a new generation of…

My unique bipolar fingerprint: On measuring my quality of life

By Victoria Maxwell Prior to being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 1, I saw a registered clinical counselor. I was very depressed, anxious and struggled daily with disordered eating (binge eating disorder with compulsive exercise it would be called now). I worked with this therapist for over two years. I liked her. I think she liked…

Reflections on internalized stigma in individuals with bipolar disorder

People managing well with bipolar disorder can provide valuable insights about successes in living with bipolar disorder that are often missed in traditional research.  In this paper, the authors unearth and explore the unique experiences and views of these individuals regarding internalized stigma. Read more…

Writing & Bipolar: The Power of the Page

Writing & Bipolar: The Power of the Page

In this BP Hope article, journalist Chris Swingle interviews Dr. Erin Michalak to explore the benefits of channeling reflections and emotions through the pen (or keyboard) as a self-management strategy to improve our mental health. More specifically, they discuss CREST.BD research that demonstrates how the practice of reflective writing has been used as a strategy by those…

Implications for Psychiatric Care of the Word ‘Recovery’ in People with Bipolar Disorder

For most people with bipolar disorder, personal recovery is more often considered to include finding ways to live a meaningful life, despite the restrictions and problems of bipolar disorder…

Bipolar disorder: An update for psychologists

In this article Greg Murray explores the growing impact of psychological perspectives on bipolar disorder.

Self-Management Strategies Used by ‘High Functioning’ Individuals with Bipolar Disorder: From Research to Clinical Practice

In this study, CREST.BD members interviewed a Canadian sample of 32 high functioning people living with bipolar disorder to explore the self-management strategies that these people used to stay well or regain their wellness.

‘It’s something that I manage but it is not who I am’: reflections on internalized stigma in individuals with bipolar disorder

This paper presents findings from a CREST.BD qualitative study of self-management strategies used by Canadian individuals living with bipolar disorder who were managing well.

Listening to clients: Self-management strategies to stay well with bipolar disorder

A recent article by Sandra Hale in the magazine, Occupational Therapy Now, discusses the self-management techniques used by people who are living with BD to acheive and maintain wellness.

Self-management techniques for bipolar disorder in a sample of New Zealand Chinese

An article produced by team members Samson Tse and Erin Michalak, explores self-management strategies for bipolar disorder in a Chinese population.