#TalkBD 20 – Bipolar 101

Event Date: Tuesday, March 8th | 5pm PST | 8pm EST (March 9th at 12PM Australia Time)
#TalkBD 20 – Bipolar 101

Our next #TalkBD livestream and Q&A will be a discussion on the fundamentals of bipolar disorder. It features Dr. Emma Morton, CIHR Banting Postdoctoral Fellow at UBC Psychiatry. Tune in to learn more and have your questions answered!

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Join us on March 8th for #TalkBD – Bipolar 101! At this online community gathering, Dr. Emma Morton, Victoria Maxwell, and Dr. Steven Barnes will be providing an overview of bipolar disorder. They’ll explain the different diagnoses and symptoms, mood episode triggers and warning signs, and ways to stay well. They’ll also do some myth-busting!

We welcome anybody interested in this topic to join us for the event!

Where to Join

Date and Time: Tuesday, March 8th, 5 pm PST, 8 pm EST (Find what time this is for me)
Zoom Link: zoom.us/webinar/register/7116419373713/WN_yc5ZT-u2SXeg5vUmJoC_DA
Link to watch as a livestream: TalkBD.live or our YouTube Channel

The Presenters

A headshot of Emma smiling against a blurred greenish background, like a window out of focus. She is Caucasian and has chin-length wavy red hair.

Dr. Emma Morton

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, UBC Psychiatry
crestbd.ca/emma-morton / @morton_emm
Emma is a CIHR Banting Postdoctoral Fellow at UBC Psychiatry. She completed her Ph.D. and training as a psychologist in 2018 at Swinburne University, Australia, and moved to Canada to join the CREST.BD team as an Institute of Mental Health Marshall Fellow in 2019. Emma’s research interests include quality of life, self-management strategies, and digital mental health tools for people living with mood disorders. She has clinical experience working in community mental health, early intervention, and hospital settings.

Victoria, a co-host to the online bipolar workshop, outside in front of a bush, smiling and looking up.Victoria Maxwell

Mental Health Educator, Speaker and Performer at Crazy For Life Co.
crestbd.ca/victoria / victoriamaxwell.com / @Victoria_BPP

Since being diagnosed with BD, psychosis, and anxiety, Victoria has become one of North America’s top speakers and educators on the lived experience of mental illness and recovery, dismantling stigma and returning to work after a psychiatric disorder. As a performer, her funny, powerful messages about mental wellness create lasting change in individuals and organizations. Watch Victoria in That’s Just Crazy Talk.

By sharing her story of mental illness and recovery she makes the uncomfortable comfortable, the confusing understandable. The Mental Health Commission of Canada named her keynote That’s Just Crazy Talk as one of the top anti-stigma interventions in the country. Learn more about her work with CREST.BD on That’s Just Crazy Talk here.

Dr. Steven Barnes standing in front of a stylized image of a chalkboard, with chalk drawing of a cabin and trees in the woods. He is white and is smiling and holding up one hand in a greeting. He is wearing 
a Watership Down t-shirt.

Steven Barnes, PhD

Co-director of CREST.BD, Senior Instructor, UBC Associate Head of Undergraduate Affairs, Lived Experience
crestbd.ca/steven / @sj_barnes

Steven J. Barnes (he/him/his) is well-regarded for his work related to online learning technologies (e.g., the Tapestry Project; see tapestry-tool.com), student mental health and wellbeing, and bipolar disorder (BD). Steven is deputy co-lead of the Collaborative RESearch Team to study psychosocial issues in BD (CREST.BD; see crestbd.ca), a BD research and knowledge exchange network which received the 2018 CIHR Gold Leaf Prize for Patient Engagement, Canada’s most prestigious recognition for patient engagement in research across all health disciplines.

Steven is the recipient of multiple institutional awards for his teaching, including the Killam Teaching Prize. He is also the recipient of the 3M National Teaching Fellowship, the top national award given for teaching in any discipline in any postsecondary institution in Canada. He is also an accomplished author, having published in the fields of epileptology, neurophysiology, student mental health, digital mental health, bipolar disorder, and behavioural neuroscience. He is the co-author of a prominent textbook for the field of behavioural neuroscience, Biopsychology 11th Edition (Pearson). Beyond being a prominent educator, researcher, and author, Steven is also an accomplished artist. He has produced myriad stop-motion animations, interactive and electronic artworks, oil paintings, and acrylic paintings.