Ryan Jarman

Peer Researcher

Ryan Jarman


Mental Health Advocate and Trans-health Educator


Ryan is originally¬†from Winnipeg, lives in Vancouver now and lives well with bipolar type 2 and an anxiety disorder. He worked as a frontline worker in Vancouver‚Äôs Downtown Eastside, Downtown and West End for over 15 years. He is trained in emergency medical response, studied community support work, and is pursuing a BSW. He is also a trans-health educator, and an experienced musician, poet, photographer, anti-stigma speaker and storyteller. He’s a member of the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. Ryan has also served as a housing advocate, outreach worker, harm reduction worker, fundraiser, administrator and as chairperson. He has worked with multiple agencies during his time in the field. His research interests and personal experience are in trauma, self-management of BD, poverty reduction, post-secondary opportunities for youth with bipolar also ageing out of the foster system, transgender advocacy, and harm reduction.

What I do when I'm not working

When I'm not working I can usually be found camping, exploring the Gulf Islands or Howe Sound, making music, taking photographs, cooking, getting lost in a series of geography or medical seminars, spending time with friends or on my own with a good book. I also enjoy comedy and use humour as a positive coping mechanism.

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Department of Psychiatry, University of British Columbia
420-5950 University Boulevard, Vancouver, BC