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Weekly blogs explore psychosocial interventions, quality of life, stigma, and community engagement through the eyes of diverse CREST.BD network members.

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Certification and Your Rights Under the Mental Health Act

on February 22, 2017   |    4 Comments

The prospect of being certified—hospitalized and treated against your will—can be one of the scariest aspects of living with a severe mental illness. For many people, involuntary hospitalization brings with it not just a loss of freedom but also stigma, helplessness, and a sense of lost control. Criteria for Certification … Read more

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Co-Designing Digital Health Tools with Peer Researchers

on February 15, 2017   |    No Comments

Digital health, also known as e-health, m-health, or in the mental health field, as e-mental health, is the use of the internet and related technologies to deliver health services and information. E-mental health includes web-based tools, mobile apps, social media supports, specialized robots, and more. As a person with lived … Read more

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Disclosure: Work and Life in a PhD Program

on February 8, 2017   |    No Comments

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the very end of my Master’s degree, the day before my final project was due; I was coming off a near-perfect GPA and a series of burnt bridges with my supervisor and faculty, both fueled by the magic of hypomania. The decision of … Read more

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We’ve Evolved: Bipolar Blog Update

on February 1, 2017   |    1 Comment

We started the Bipolar Blog with one simple goal in mind: To write a post in our four core research areas every month. With a quick peruse of our blog categories, one can notice we’ve evolved since then. Our research remains strong in these four areas. Even as we’re propelled … Read more

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