At CREST.BD, we undertake action-oriented research with a high potential for impact on the health, quality of life and care of people with bipolar disorder.

We create and advance knowledge and understanding of bipolar disorder to contribute to optimal health and quality of life through the discovery, dissemination and application of research.


Stay up to date with research and knowledge exchange on bipolar disorder.

User Retention in App Based Interventions; Exploring Bipolar mHealth

We invite people who are over the age of 18, have received a bipolar diagnosis and have previously, or are currently, using an app or web-based program as a strategy to assist with bipolar disorder, to participate in this study.

Interviews will be conducted online through the use of Zoom or similar. Interviews will be audio recorded and stored securely on a password protected computer.
Participation in this study is completely voluntary and data is confidential and kept securely. If you wish to withdraw from the study at any time, you may inform the researcher conducting the interview or contact them to withdraw your data once your interview has been completed.

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