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Weekly blogs explore psychosocial interventions, quality of life, stigma, and community engagement through the eyes of diverse CREST.BD network members.

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Diversity in patient engagement: A call for patient partner and academic researcher leads

on November 7, 2019   |    No Comments

In this blog post, the second in the BC Support Unit Tapestry project series, Dr. Iva Cheung discusses the populations most in need of representation in patient engagement research. It is these populations that the Tapestry project team will develop educational modules to address. As Dr. Cheung describes, two of … Read more

community engagement guest writers

BC SUPPORT Unit: Educational Tools to Support Diverse Research

on October 17, 2019   |    No Comments

Hello CREST.BD readers! This blog post is the first in a multi-part series from BC SUPPORT Unit, describing their exciting new project to involve more diverse groups of people in health research. In this blog post, Dr. Iva Cheung writes about the need to represent diverse populations within patient-oriented research, … Read more

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Moving for your mood: Discussing exercise as a treatment for depression

on September 5, 2019   |    No Comments

Today I’m taking the time to talk (well write) about an important health topic, sometimes referred to as ‘the black dog:’ depression. For those that have not experienced it, most know a family member, friend, colleague or other person who is dealing or has dealt with it. Depression can entail … Read more

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4 books and comics that helped my bipolar disorder

on August 21, 2019   |    No Comments

As a person living with bipolar disorder (BD), the process of understanding my condition has been a long road. As I’ve worked towards making sense of my diagnosis, I found some of the most helpful resources to be books, blog posts and comics that addressed depression and BD, from the … Read more

guest writers interventions and self-care