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Weekly blogs explore psychosocial interventions, quality of life, stigma, and community engagement through the eyes of diverse CREST.BD network members.

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Exercise as Treatment for Teens with Bipolar Disorder: Q&A With our Patient Collaborator Tera

on October 20, 2020   |    No Comments

In today’s blog, we hear from our patient collaborator, Tera, fifth-year university student, who has partnered with us on our study funded by Brain Canada together with the Sunnybrook Foundation, examining the feasibility of using exercise as treatment for youth with bipolar disorder (read more here). In the Q&A below, Tera shares … Read more


Living with a Family Member with Bipolar Disorder

on October 5, 2020   |    3 Comments

As I sit in my room thinking how I should approach a journal entry centred around having a family member (aunt) with bipolar disorder, I acknowledge the complexity of this condition. As many of you know, bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that can make life very challenging for … Read more

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Lessons Learned from Our Feasibility Study of Exercise as Medicine for Teens with Bipolar Disorder: Reflections from Teens and Parents

on September 17, 2020   |    No Comments

The Centre for Youth Bipolar Disorder is back with part 2 of our blog series on our exercise study for improving aerobic fitness in teens with bipolar disorder (see part 1 here). In this blog, we will share first-hand knowledge that we have gained from 11 teen participants, who completed … Read more

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Race, Ethnicity, and Bipolar Disorder

on September 10, 2020   |    1 Comment

How do race and ethnicity affect outcomes and treatments for people with bipolar disorder? It’s clear that BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) communities do not necessarily experience this mood disorder in the same way as non people of colour. In this special #BipolarBlog to support ongoing dialogue on … Read more