Tools & Resources

Free web-based tools to help people with bipolar disorder maximize their health and quality of life and to support application of evidence in clinical and peer support settings.

CREST.BD has produced tools to support the application of evidence-based self-management strategies in people with bipolar disorder. We have also produced tools to empower people with bipolar disorder, and their healthcare providers, to assess quality of life in daily life and routine clinical practice.

#TalkBD Online Community Gatherings

#TalkBD is an online series of community gatherings providing mental health support during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

At these sessions, CREST.BD network members share tips and tools for topics such as anxiety management, keeping a balanced mood, and family life during the pandemic. Roughly every two weeks, we host the event as a webinar on Zoom, and a livestream on Facebook and our website.

Bipolar Wellness Centre

Self-managing bipolar disorder is like ‘a ship that’s always righting itself'. Learn about managing bipolar disorder - on your own terms.

CREST.BD researchers have produced the Bipolar Wellness Centre in order to support self-management in people with bipolar disorder, and empower them to manage and improve their health and quality of life. Access to the information and resources on the Bipolar Wellness Centre is unrestricted.

Quality of Life Tool

Good quality of life and health is possible in people with bipolar disorder. The Quality of Life Tool is a free resource designed to measure quality of life specifically in people with bipolar disorder.

Grounded in over a decade of CREST.BD research, this online resource shows areas of life you’re flourishing in, and those that may need some attention and provides a gateway to evidence-informed self-management resources in these areas. It is also designed to help healthcare providers and supporters of people with bipolar disorder to define goals for treatment or focus.