Fiona Lobban, PhD

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Fiona Lobban


PhD, University of Manchester

Academic appointment

Co- Director, Spectrum Centre for Mental Health Research
Professor, Clinical Psychology, Lancaster University, United Kingdom


Prof Lobban’s interest in clinical research began during her undergraduate degree at University of Oxford, and continued through a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a PhD at the University of Manchester. In 2008 she moved to Lancaster University where she is now the Co-Director of the Spectrum Centre for Mental Health Research which specializes in service-user involvement in advancing research on psychological interventions for people with bipolar disorder and related experiences. Prof Lobban’s main aim is to increase access to effective psychological support for people with mental health problems and their relatives.

What I do when I'm not working

I live in the UK’s Lake District with my family and spend a lot of time wet and muddy, usually on bikes, with my kids and my partner.



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C74, Furness building, Spectrum Centre for Mental Health Research
Division of Health Research, Lancaster University, Lancaster, LA1 4YG