Sharon Hou, PhD

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Sharon Hou


PhD, Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, University of Guelph

Academic appointment

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Calgary

Psychologist, BC Children’s Hospital


Dr. Hou (she/her) is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Calgary and a registered psychologist at BC Children’s Hospital. She completed her PhD in clinical child and adolescent psychology at the University of Guelph. Dr. Hou previously worked as a research coordinator for CREST.BD.

Dr. Hou’s research focuses on investigating the social and cultural influences that shape child development and child health. She is particularly interested in understanding the perspectives and experiences of racialized youth and their families living with complex mental health and medical conditions. Outcomes from this work are intended to identify equitable and inclusive ways to promote well-being, to address systematic barriers and biases, and to mitigate health disparities. Inspired by the initiatives developed with the CREST.BD network, Dr. Hou is passionate about cultivating a patient-oriented, translational program of research. Much of Dr. Hou’s work has been shaped by her personal immigration experience and exposure to cultural diversity over her life.

What I do when I'm not working

Outside of work, Dr. Hou appreciates a balance of quality time with her beloved family and friends with personal downtime. She particularly treasures her early morning solitude and enjoys yoga and traveling.

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BC Children’s Hospital
Department of Psychology
4500 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC, V6H 3N1