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Making Chomavision – A documentary about Bob Choma, artist with bipolar disorder

on June 3, 2020   |    No Comments

Hi, Bruce Saunders here in Victoria, BC, Canada. I’m 69 and, though not diagnosed till 39, I now know now I’ve lived most of my life with Bipolar II. This documentary project is an attempt to describe the condition as I and a few others have experienced it. It also … Read more

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8 Tips to Help You Get the Sleep You Need and Want (When Living with Bipolar Disorder)

on May 7, 2020   |    No Comments

This blog post is shared from CREST.BD network member Victoria Maxwell, who first posted it on her blog in 2019. We’ve reposted it here with her permission. For more information about bipolar disorder and sleep, please consider joining us on May 12th (13th in Australia) for our #TalkBD online gathering: … Read more

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Using Music for Stress Reduction and Self-Care

on April 9, 2020   |    No Comments

Hello everyone! Did you know there’s scientific evidence that music is effective for self-care? In this blog post, clinical neuropsychologist and CREST.BD Network Member Dr. Ivan Torres shares some of the recent science behind this, and makes evidence-based recommendations on specific songs and song types you can listen to to … Read more

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Bridging the Digital Divide of Scoping Reviews in Health

on March 27, 2020   |    No Comments

In this week’s guest blog post, Dr. Skye Barbic follows up on her colleague, Dr. Shelly Ben-David’s, previous post: Bridging the Digital Divide Among Youth in BC. Funded through the BC SUPPORT Unit Patient Engagement Methods Cluster, this project is investigating the barriers youth face in accessing health information online. … Read more

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