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Living with a Family Member with Bipolar Disorder

on October 5, 2020   |    3 Comments

As I sit in my room thinking how I should approach a journal entry centred around having a family member (aunt) with bipolar disorder, I acknowledge the complexity of this condition. As many of you know, bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that can make life very challenging for … Read more

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Even the Winding Roads Can Lead You Home

on July 16, 2020   |    1 Comment

(Driveway chalk work design done by and courtesy of Kerry Monaghan, Ottawa, ON)   Who could have ever predicted that after having experienced a total of 33 years of successful career as a senior professional social worker within an Ontario child welfare agency and two provincial psychiatric hospitals plus being … Read more

lived experience

Whispers of a Healing Heart

on June 11, 2020   |    No Comments

In my previous blog titled “Writing Poems – One of My Mental Health Safety Valves,” I stated how I love to write poetry. I also affirmed that I usually get my inspiration from friends’ photos which are posted on Facebook. As I was preparing two separate collections of poems this … Read more

lived experience

Working the Frontline Side by Side with Bipolar

on May 14, 2020   |    No Comments

COVID-19 has brought difficulties for us all. I find myself in the fortunate position of having full-time work and stability in my life. I work on the frontline helping individuals living with mental health and substance use conditions, which is a line of work I found through my own challenges … Read more

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