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Our bipolar blog shares the latest findings and insights from CREST.BD's research and knowledge exchange.

Weekly blogs explore psychosocial interventions, quality of life, stigma, and community engagement through the eyes of diverse CREST.BD network members.

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We’ve Evolved: Bipolar Blog Update

on February 1, 2017   |    1 Comment

We started the Bipolar Blog with one simple goal in mind: To write a post in our four core research areas every month. With a quick peruse of our blog categories, one can notice we’ve evolved since then. Our research remains strong in these four areas. Even as we’re propelled … Read more

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Movie Review: The Dark Horse

on October 12, 2016   |    No Comments

The Dark Horse (2014), the New Zealand feature film (not to be confused with the popular 2015 racehorse documentary Dark Horse) is a story about a Maori man who became famous for his ability at speed-chess. This in spite of, or maybe partly because of, his bipolar condition. But greater … Read more


Movie Review: Touched With Fire

on September 21, 2016   |    No Comments

Touched With Fire is feature film I’d recommend that has recently been released on DVD. I’ll refer to an excellent article in BP Canada’s January 2016 edition that fully covers the development of this fictional story based on the director’s experience living with bipolar, learning about its dangers, the downsides, … Read more

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Movie Review: Infinitely Polar Bear

on July 27, 2016   |    2 Comments

There are more than a few movies about bipolar disorder, but there are few stories in movies that accurately reflect life with bipolar. One of these movies is Infinitely Polar Bear (2014), an hour and a half glimpse into the life of a family in the late 1970s with a father who … Read more

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