ORBIT – Updates

UPDATE (Nov 19, 2018): 

All of the places in the ORBIT Research Project have now been filled and we have closed recruitment for the study 11 weeks ahead of schedule!

Thanks to everyone who has helped make this happen!

Since our launch in October 2017, participants from all around the world have signed up to take part in our online self-management interventions aimed at improving quality of life for people bipolar disorder. We now have participants connecting with us around the clock from all six continents.

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Current participation status
(Updated: Nov 13, 2018)

Participants registered: 600
Number of countries: 39

Click on the interactive world map below to see where participants of the ORBIT program have connected with us from!


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ORBIT Interactive World Map

(Updated: Nov 13, 2018)

Can I participate?

If you:

  • Are 18-65 years old
  • Have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder
  • Have experienced 10 or more episodes of depression, hypomania or mania
  • Are under the care of a medical practitioner who you have seen in the past twelve months, and will continue to see for the total 6 months duration of this study
  • Can speak and read English
  • Have access to the internet and familiar with use
  • Are interested in signing up

Participants in the ORBIT Research Program receive access to one of the 5-week online programs with ongoing access to the materials for 6 months and take part in a number of paid research assessments.

Sign up at: orbitonline.org


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