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Highlighted Publications

“Supporting Wellness”: A depression and bipolar support alliance mixed-methods investigation of lived experience perspectives and priorities for mood disorder treatment. Morton, E., Foxworth, P., Dardess, P., Altimus, C., DePaulo, J. R., Talluri, S. S., Michalak, E. E., Rinvelt, P. D., Corrigan, P. W., & Turvey, C. (2022).  Journal of affective disorders 299:575–584. 

Use of smartphone apps in bipolar disorder: A web-based survey of feature preferences and privacy concerns. Morton, E., Nicholas, J., Lapadat, L., O’Brien, H., Barnes, S.J., Poh, C., & Michalak, E.E. (2021). Journal of Affective Disorders 295:1102-1109.

Digital health literacy in bipolar disorder: An international web-based survey. Morton, E., Ho, K., Barnes, S.J., & Michalak, E.E. (2021).  JMIR Mental Health 8:e29764-e29776.

Using apps for bipolar disorder – An online survey of healthcare provider perspectives and practices. Morton, E., Torous, J., Murray, G., & Michalak, E.E. (2021). Journal of Psychiatric Research 137:22-28.

Mindfulness-based online intervention to improve quality of life in late-stage bipolar disorder: A randomized clinical trial. Murray, G., Thomas, N., Michalak, E. E., Jones, S. H., Lapsley, S., Bowe, S. J., Foley, F., Fletcher, K., Perich, T., Johnson, S. L., Cotton, S., Berk, L., Mihalopoulos, C., Kyrios, M., & Berk, M. (2021).  Journal of consulting and clinical psychology 89(10): 830–844. 

The Quality of Life in Bipolar Disorder (QoL.BD) questionnaire a decade on – A systematic review of the measurement of condition-specific aspects of quality of life in bipolar disorder. Morton, E, Murray, G, Yatham, L.N., Lam, R.W., Michalak, E.E. (2020). Journal of Affective Disorders 278:33-45. 

The Quality of Life in Bipolar Disorder (QoL.BD) Scale: Validation of a French Cross-Cultural Adaptation: L’échelle de qualité de vie dans le trouble bipolaire (QoL.BD) : Validation d’une adaptation française interculturelle. Provencher, M. D., Morton, E., Beaudoin, A. S., Guillemette, J., Rheault, E., Mérette, C., Coque, L., Hawke, L. D., & Michalak, E. E. (2020). The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry 66(3):298-305. 

Beyond clicks and downloads: A call for a more comprehensive approach to measuring mobile-health app engagement. O’Brien, H., Morton, E., Kampen, A., Barnes, S., & Michalak, E.E. (2020). BJPsych Open 6(5):e86-e89.

Web-based adaptation of the Quality of Life in Bipolar Disorder (QoL.BD) questionnaire: A psychometric evaluation study. Morton, E., Hou, S., Fogarty, O., Murray, G., Barnes, S., Depp, C., Michalak, E.E., CREST.BD. (2020). Journal of Medical Internet Research Mental Health 7(4):e17497.

In Press: Evaluating the quality, safety, and functionality of commonly used self-management apps for bipolar disorder. Morton, E., Nicholas, J., Yang, L., Lapadat, L., Barnes, S.J., Provencher, M.D., Depp, C., Chan, M., Kulur, R., & Michalak, E.E. (In press).  International Journal of Bipolar Disorders.


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