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Integrating Delphi Consensus Consultation and Community-Based Participatory Research. Suto, M.J., Lapsley, S., Balram, N., Barnes, S.J., Hou, S., Ragazan, D.C., Austin, J., Scott, M., Berk, L., Michalak, E.E. (2019) Engaged Scholar Journal.

Youth engagement and Community-Based Participatory Research: The Bipolar Youth Action Project. Balram, N., Canas, E., Paquette, A., Johansen, K., Moore, C., Cundall, A., Bipolar Youth Action Group, Kolida, N., Michalak, E.E. (2017) SAGE Research Methods Cases.

The Delphi consensus consultation method: Using community engagement to identify effective self-management strategies for bipolar disorder. Lapsley, S., Suto, M.J., Barnes, S.J., Scott, M., Hou, S., Michalak, E.E. (2017) SAGE Research Methods Cases.

Effective self-management strategies for bipolar disorder: A community-engaged Delphi Consensus Consultation study.
Michalak, E.E., Suto, M.J., Barnes, S.J., Hou, S., Lapsley, S., Scott, M.W., Murray, G., Austin, J., Balram Elliott, N., Berk, L., CREST.BD (2016). Journal of Affective Disorders.

Harnessing the potential of community-based participatory research approaches in bipolar disorder.
Michalak, E.E., Jones, S., Lobban, F., Perez Algorta, G., Barnes, S.J., Berk, L., Berk, M., Hole, R., Lapsley, S., Maxwell, V., Milev, R., McManamy, J., Murray, G., Tohen, M., Tse, S., Sanchez de Carmona, M., Johnson, S.L. (2016). International Journal of Bipolar Disorders.

Credible, centralized, safe, and stigma-free: What youth with bipolar disorder want when seeking health information online.
Noack, K., Balram Elliott, N., Canas, E., Lane, K., Paquette, A., Lavigne, J.M., Michalak, E.E. and the Bipolar Youth Action Group. (2016) UBC Medical Journal.

Towards a better future for Canadians with bipolar disorder: Principles and implementation of a community-based participatory research model.
Michalak, E.E., Lane, K., Hole, R., Barnes, S.J., Khatri, N., Lapsley, S., Maxwell, V., Milev, R,. Parikh, S.V., Berk, L., Berk, M., Tse, S., Murray, G., Perez Algorta, G., Lobban, F., Jones, S., Johnson, S.L. (2015). Engaged Scholar Journal.

Creativity and Bipolar Disorder: Igniting a Dialogue.
Johnson, S.L., Moezpoor, M., Murray, G., Hole, R., Barnes, S.J., CREST.BD, Michalak, E.E. (2015). Qualitative Health Research.
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Creativity is linked to ambition across the bipolar spectrum.
Johnson, S.L., Murray, G., Hou, S., Staudenmaier, P., Freeman, M., Michalak, E.E., CREST.BD. (2015). Journal of Affective Disorders.

Optimizing delivery of recover-oriented online self-management strategies for bipolar disorder: a review.
Leitan, N.D., Michalak, E.E., Berk, L., Berk, M., Murray, G. (2014). Bipolar Disorders.

Using theatre to address mental illness stigma: a knowledge translation study in bipolar disorder.
Michalak, E.E., Livingston, J., Maxwell, V., Hole, R., Hawke, L., Parikh, S.V. (2014). International Journal of Bipolar Disorders.

Reducing stigma toward people with bipolar disorder: Impact of a filmed theatrical intervention based on a personal narrative.
Hawke, L.D., Michalak, E.E., Maxwell, V., Parikh, S.V. (2014). International Journal of Social Psychiatry.

Cognitive performance and quality of life early in the course of bipolar disorder.
Mackala, S.A., Torres, I.J., Kozicky, J., Michalak, E.E., Yatham, L.N. (2014). Journal of Affective Disorders.

Stigma and bipolar disorder: A review of the literature.
Hawke, L., Parikh, S.V., Michalak, E.E. (2013). Journal of Affective Disorders.

The relationship between clinical outcomes and quality of life in first-episode mania: a longitudinal analysis. Michalak, E.E., Torres, I.J., Bond, D.J., Lam, R.W., Yatham, L.N. (2013). Bipolar Disorders.

Improving Care and wellness in bipolar disorder: origins, evolution and future directions of a collaborative knowledge exchange network.
Michalak, E.E., Hole, R., Livingston, J., Murray, G., Parikh, S.V., Lapsley, S., McBride, S. (2012). International Journal of Mental Health Systems.

Stigma Shrinks My Bubble: A Qualitative Study of Understandings and Experiences of Stigma and Bipolar Disorder.
Suto, M., Livingston, J.D., Hole, R., Lapsley, S., Hinshaw, S.P., Hale, S., Michalak, E.E. (2012) Stigma Research and Action.

The quality of life construct in bipolar disorder research and practice: Past, present, and possible futures.
Murray, G., Michalak, E.E. (2012). Bipolar Disorders.

Self-management strategies used by ‘high functioning’ individuals with bipolar disorder: from research to clinical practice.
Murray, G., Suto, M., Hole, R., Hale, S., Amari, E., Michalak, E.E. (2011). Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy.

“It’s something that I manage but it is not who I am”: Reflections on internalized stigma in individuals with bipolar disorder.
Michalak, E.E., Livingston, J.D., Hole, R., Suto, M., Hale, S., Haddock, C. (2011). Chronic Illness.
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Development of the QoL:BD: a disorder-specific scale to assess quality of life in bipolar disorder.
Michalak, E.E., Murray, G., CREST.BD. (2010). Bipolar Disorders.
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What works for people with bipolar disorder? Tips from the experts.
Suto, M., Murray, G., Hale, S., Amari, E., Michalak, E.E. (2010). Journal of Affective Disorders.

Bipolar disorder and quality of life: a patient-centred perspective.
Michalak, E.E., Yatham, L.N., Kolesar, S., Lam, R.W. (2006). Quality of Life Research.

Quality of life in bipolar disorder: a review of the literature.
Michalak, E.E., Yatham, L.N., Lam, R.W. (2005). Health and Quality of Life Outcomes.