MSFHR Feature on CREST.BD Research

June 1, 2016

MSFHR Feature on CREST.BD Research

The Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) featured CREST.BD’s unique community-based participatory research (CBPR) approach to bipolar disorder research in their news. CBPR is a partnership approach to research that involves researchers and people with lived experience of a health condition working together to shape all aspects of the research progress. In other words, CBPR studies value lived experience and academic experience equally.

‘Bipolar disorder is one of the most complex mental health conditions we deal with,’ says Michalak. ‘…CBPR methods offer an ideal approach to working with communities who are traditionally disempowered or disenfranchised’.

The article also highlights our 2006 MSFHR Team Planning Award, which was instrumental in the inception of CREST.BD as a research network.

Thank you to MSFHR for your continuing support for research in bipolar disorder. Read the full article here, and learn about MSFHR’s full program of research on the site.