Ask us about bipolar disorder on Bell Let’s Talk 2020! #TalkBD

Caden Poh on January 24, 2020
Ask us about bipolar disorder on Bell Let’s Talk 2020! #TalkBD

Have questions about bipolar disorder?

Ask us on Bell Let’s Talk day – Wednesday, January 29, from 1-2 PM Pacific! Professor Erin Michalak, psychiatrist Rob Tarzwell and diverse members of the CREST.BD team will be taking your questions on Twitter and Facebook.

Simply tweet with the hashtags #TalkBD, reach us anonymously via private message, or leave a comment on our Facebook page:

Let’s #TalkBD!

Bell Let’s Talk

Bell Let’s Talk day is an annual, national, online discussion about mental health that aims to create open conversation about mental health conditions. We applaud this effort and are pleased to take part in the conversation via social media. On our Twitter and Facebook accounts, we’ll be focusing on sharing evidence-based mental health research from our own work and the great work taking place in our community leading up to January 29.

The most important part of the #BellLetsTalk initiative, however, is that proceeds are donated to the Bell Community Fund, which provides grants to projects that improve access to mental health care, supports and services for people in Canada living with mental health conditions.

To learn more about Bell Let’s Talk day, visit:

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