We’re Giving Away 5 Copies of “BrainStorm: From Broken to Blessed on the Bipolar Spectrum”!

May 6, 2024
We’re Giving Away 5 Copies of “BrainStorm: From Broken to Blessed on the Bipolar Spectrum”!

We’ve heard you asking for more book giveaways, and so we’re back with Sara Schley‘s acclaimed memoir BrainStorm: From Broken to Blessed on the Bipolar Spectrum!

5 copies of the book (your choice of paperback or audiobook) will be sent to talkBD podcast supporters anywhere in the world! Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

  1. Follow us on our Instagram or LinkedIn
  2. Comment on our BrainStorm giveaway post on Instagram or LinkedIn, with the hashtag #talkBD
  3. Tune in the “Bipolar II Disorder” talkBD episode featuring Sara Schley!

Winners will be picked at random and contacted the week of May 20, 2024!

If you would like to enter the giveaway privately without making a public comment, send us an email at team@talkBD.live with the subject “Book Giveaway”, we will add your entry into the draw equally.

Sara Schley is a business consultant, speaker, and author who has led organizational transformations at renowned companies around the world. She is a mother, grandmother, community leader, and has been married to a great guy for twenty-six years. She also has a Bipolar II brain, on the Bipolar Spectrum. Sara has kept this mostly a secret for four decades. Until now. She is choosing to tell her riveting story – from broken to blessed – to save lives, end stigma, and optimize healing for millions. Sara is also a writer and producer of BrainStorm – an upcoming film inspired by her memoir.

Watch the Bipolar II Disorder talkBD episode:


BrainStorm: From Broken to Blessed on the Bipolar Spectrum is also available on Amazon. More information about the book is also available at saraschley.com.

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