Sean Costello Fund Project

March 15, 2017

Sean Costello Fund Project

We’re very thankful to the Sean Costello Fund for Bipolar Research for their support of a new study in partnership with UC Berkeley’s CALM Program and UBC’s Centre for Gambling Research. The study will begin this spring and is called “Do ambitious and exploratory behaviours drive creativity in bipolar disorder? The quest for a mechanism”.

This study will create new knowledge about sensitivity to rewards in people who live with bipolar disorder. The project explores the relationship between bipolar disorder, ambition, and exploratory behaviour. One strength that has been clearly associated with bipolar disorder is creativity. One of our hopes for this project is that it will support new understandings around strengths-based treatments for bipolar disorder.

Sean Costello, in whose memory the Fund was established, was a well-known blues guitarist. Read more about Sean at the link above.


(photo: João Silas via