Welcome Caden!

August 21, 2017

Welcome Caden!

Please join us in welcoming our new Research Coordinator, Caden!

Caden holds a BA in Psychology from UBC and has experience working with people affected by mental health conditions, including bipolar disorder, in his time at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) in Singapore. He has knowledge of case management services in mental health, and has supported hundreds of people affected by mental health conditions both in inpatient and community settings in Singapore.

Caden is interested in the psychosocial dimension of recovery; specifically, how caregiver training and intervention can positively influence treatment outcomes of people who live with mental health conditions. In his capacity as a Case Manager at IMH, Caden pioneered a case management referral system that linked family members to caregiver organizations. To date, the program has helped hundreds of caregivers and their loved ones in Singapore to reach out and access support.

In his downtime, he enjoys indulging in (and cooking) spicy food, as well as recording electronic music on his trusty computer.

Welcome to the team Caden, we have every confidence that you will fit right in and be a wonderful new addition.