Dr. Erin Michalak featured on the Chronicle of Neurology & Psychiatry

September 27, 2017

Dr. Erin Michalak featured on the Chronicle of Neurology & Psychiatry

Network lead Dr. Erin Michalak recently provided insights into a newly published article exploring the relationship between bipolar disorder and anxiety in people who are currently free from symptoms (also known as ‘euthymic’).

The article found that anxiety disorders appear to be common in people with bipolar disorder, even when moods of those patients are well controlled – and clinicians may find it useful to adopt a measurement-based care approach to recognize specific life areas that patients may need more care in.

In the related media story, published in Chronicle of Neurology & Psychiatry, Dr Michalak described how: “as part of our research, we have interviewed several people with bipolar disorder over the years who have told us that, from their point of view, it is their symptoms of anxiety that erode their quality of life (QoL). Taking the time to discuss with patients which of their symptoms are most impacting their functioning, including work or education, and QoL is usually time well spent”.

Further, she noted that “while detecting and addressing episodes of depression and mania in BD patients often takes clinical priority, physicians should incorporate a brief anxiety screening questionnaire into clinical encounters where possible, and use periods of mood stability as a golden opportunity to assess for other conditions including anxiety disorders”.

The full article is featured below:


The June 2017 edition of the Chronicle of Neurology & Psychiatry newspaper can be read in full here: https://issuu.com/derm.c…/docs/n_p_june_2017_eil_rar__ms_new