Bipolar Youth Action Project Video Series

March 5, 2016
Bipolar Youth Action Project Video Series

CREST.BD and the Stigma-Free Society (formerly Bipolar Disorder Society of BC) are pleased to announce the release of our Bipolar Youth Action Project (BYAP) video series; the product of two years of research.

The BYAP video series shares: 1) some of the key strategies that youth with bipolar use to live well, 2) key messages from BYAP youth about what you need to know if you have just been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and 3) a piece focused on mindfulness techniques, a core strategy used by BYAP participants to keep balance in mood, deal with depression, and stop escalation into hypomania.

The video series are narrated in the voices of BYAP project participants, Youth Action Group members and members of the wider CREST.BD team. As decided by our youth participants in the project, the videos are designed to be engaging to a youth audience – they are short, easily sharable via social media, fun, and visually appealing.

Many thanks to our funders at the Vancouver Foundation, and especially to the BYAP youth participants and Youth Action Group members who worked with us for the duration of the project.



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