Bipolar Youth Action Project Paper

November 22, 2016
Bipolar Youth Action Project Paper

After months of analysing our findings, two research events with youth, and working together on the project outcomes, our first Bipolar Youth Action Project (BYAP) paper has been published in the UBC Medical Journal (UBCMJ). This issue of UBCMJ is especially relevant and interesting to us as the entire issue focuses on mental health research. Our BYAP paper is co-written by our BYAP project team, including the two project leads, Erin and Andrea; researcher Eugenia, who mentored our team on youth engagement, one of our Youth Action Group members, Laura; our student intern Kirsten; and our research coordinator, Nusha. In a nutshell, this paper contains a discussion of the insights shared with us by the youth research participants with BD on who they seek health information online, and what, in their opinions, is necessary for this information to work better for them. The full paper is available for free download from UBCMJ!

Credible, centralized, safe, and stigma–free: What youth with bipolar disorder want when seeking health information online

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