New Publication: Reflecting on 10 Years of the QoL.BD

September 22, 2020
New Publication: Reflecting on 10 Years of the QoL.BD

10 years ago, we launched the Quality of Life scale for Bipolar Disorder–the QoL.BD.

The QoL.BD is the world’s only scale for measuring quality of life in bipolar disorder, and has seen global uptake since its inception. Studies across the world describe its use, in countries including Canada, Iran, Chile, China, Australia, Turkey, the USA, New Zealand, Switzerland, and Mexico. Researchers have adapted it into 16 languages, including Turkish, Mandarin, Cantonese, French, Korean, Hungarian, Spanish, and Persian (scroll to the bottom of this page to download). Recently, team members Dr. Martin Provencher, Dr. Emma Morton and Dr. Erin Michalak have validated the scale’s French version.

In a recent publication, we reflect upon a decade of the Qol.BD, describe its international uptake, and discuss where it’s going next. Give it a read to learn more!

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