talkBD: Psilocybin & Bipolar Disorder (Dr. David Gard) 🍄

February 22, 2023
talkBD: Psilocybin & Bipolar Disorder (Dr. David Gard) 🍄

In our latest talkBD podcast episode, psychologist Dr. David Gard speaks on the use of psilocybin to treat bipolar disorder and depression, breaks down the latest research on the role of psychedelics and psilocybin in supporting mental health, and discusses the potential benefits and risks of using these substances.

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The Expert

Dr. David Gard

Professor of Psychology, Coordinator of the Clinical Psychology Master’s Program / @DrDGard

Dr. David Gard is a Professor of Psychology, Director of the Motivation and Emotion Research Lab, and the Coordinator of the Clinical Psychology Master’s Program at San Francisco State University. He received his Master’s degree in clinical psychology from SFSU in 1996 and his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of California at Berkeley in 2005. He has been lecturing at San Fransisco State University since 1997 and was hired full-time as an assistant professor at SFSU in the fall of 2005. His research interests are broadly in the area of emotion and motivation dysfunction in various mental health disorders including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression. He also researches novel treatments for severe mental illness.

Our Host

A headshot of Emma smiling against a blurred greenish background, like a window out of focus. She is Caucasian and has chin-length wavy red hair.

Dr. Emma Morton

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, UBC Psychiatry / @morton_emm

Emma is a CIHR Banting Postdoctoral Fellow at UBC Psychiatry. She completed her Ph.D. and training as a psychologist in 2018 at Swinburne University, Australia, and moved to Canada to join the CREST.BD team as an Institute of Mental Health Marshall Fellow in 2019. Emma’s research interests include quality of life, self-management strategies, and digital mental health tools for people living with mood disorders. She has clinical experience working in community mental health, early intervention, and hospital settings.

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