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Recently, we shared the first of our Gold Leaf reflections videos with you, outlining how CREST.BD’s work aligns with the principles of Canada’s Strategy for Patient Oriented-Research (SPOR).

Today’s video builds upon the first, with network members and partners Victoria Maxwell, Dr. Raymond Lam, and Ann Marie Mac Donald of Hope and Me – Mood Disorders Association of Ontario (MDAO), and Network Deputy Dr. Steven Barnes, describing the impact of CREST.BD’s work, both in advancing the science of patient engagement, and in the daily lives of those actually living with bipolar disorder.


CREST.BD is a premier example of community-based participatory research, placing the voice of lived experience at an equal footing in health research.

–  Ann Marie Mac Donald, Hope and Me – Mood Disorders Association of Ontario Executive Director & CEO

Collaboration is core to the work CREST.BD does. That’s why it seemed only fitting from our reflections to come directly from the myriad perspectives of different network members, peer researchers, and partners. If haven’t seen the previous videos in our Gold Leaf series, take a look at the playlist below to hear more reflections and information about the Gold Leaf prize.

To learn more about CREST.BD, the CIHR Gold Leaf Prize, and reflections from our team, visit our website to read the full news release:


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  1. This video is exceptionally well done and truly reflects the primary mission of CREST.BD to optimize the health and quality of life of people living with bipolar disorder.

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