Bipolar and Magic Mushrooms Study 🍄

October 10, 2020 5 comments
Bipolar and Magic Mushrooms Study 🍄


Watch our recent Q&A event on psychedelics & bipolar disorder, featuring Dr. Josh Woolley.

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“Shrooming” with Bipolar Disorder: A Psilocybin Survey

Magic Mushrooms and Bipolar Disorder: Share Your Experiences

The University of California, San Francisco BAND Lab is seeking adults (age 18+) who have been diagnosed with a Bipolar Disorder and previously taken Psilocybin/Hallucinogenic “Magic” Mushrooms to complete a survey about their experiences.

The purpose of this study is to provide an understanding of potential risks and benefits for future research regarding psilocybin assisted therapy.

The survey is now closed. Thank you for your incredible response!


Survey World Map

(Updated: Final numbers at end of study)

561 people from around the world have shared their experiences on the survey!
Check out this interactive map to see where they have connected from:

In the video below, Dr. Mollie Pleet, clinical psychologist and research fellow at the BAND Lab, introduces the study!

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The Bipolar Psilocybin Project (BiPsi)

Recently, the University of California San Francisco BAND Lab has begun exploring the therapeutic effects of psychedelic medicines. They’ve specifically been focusing on studies using psilocybin, which is the primary psychoactive component of magic mushrooms.

The BAND Lab will soon conduct the world’s first clinical trial of psilocybin therapy for people with bipolar depression. In order to conduct that study in as safe and supportive a way as possible, they’ve teamed up with us at CREST.BD to conduct an online survey exploring the experiences that people with bipolar disorder have had when using magic mushrooms.

If you, or anyone who know has bipolar disorder and has ever taken a full dose of magic mushrooms, please consider taking and sharing our survey. Your contributions will help support the BAND Lab’s goal of improving the treatments available for people with bipolar disorder!


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This study is administered by UCSF’s BAND Lab. The principal investigator is Dr. Joshua Woolley, you can contact his lab at the email listed above.

Previous Posts About the Study

A poster with a single, glowing yellow mushroom standing on a mossy log. Little motes of light float around the dark woodland in the background, creating a sense of magic. '“Shrooming” with Bipolar Disorder' is written in a serif font across the image.
“Shrooming” with Bipolar Disorder: A Psilocybin Survey Study
The goal of the study? To assess the safety, impact, and cultural practices of “magic mushroom” use among adults with bipolar disorder.

5 Comments on “Bipolar and Magic Mushrooms Study 🍄”

  1. I am bipolar & have ADD. I am a 45 year old woman. I started taking mushrooms 🍄 when I was 18. Loved them so much I did them for 3 months straight. Hiked in the redwoods. Rode bikes to the ocean. It was a happy time in my life. Started doing them again 6 years ago. They reset my mind and help me feel positive. I used to love to hallucinate now I microdose mainly.

    • I can relate. I just started microdosing mushrooms. I have bipolar I. I feel much lighter and much less anxious.
      But. I’ve had a manic episode recently, and had not had a noticeable mania in years. So I’m researching if this could happen. I really think that the benefits from microdosing outweighs the mania. I am keeping my eyes wide open, and speaking to my therapist about this.

      • Hi, I have bipolar as well, bp2. Can you clarify if the manic episode happened after you started the microdosing?

        • Silicide in bipolar to can cause manic episodes that’s why they haven’t done any clinical trials on bipolar 2. Would either have to taper off medication’s or a blunted experiences all you have. It is recommended that bipolar twos do not use psilocybin and if they do it very controlled environment professionals not some guy named Doug that went hiking with you. Every professional I’ve talked to that is a psycho pharmacologist that works with psychedelics or a doctor pharmacology that works with psychedelics as well, have concern over more harm than good when it comes to psilocybin and bipolar. I write this because it pisses me off i’ve been on psychiatric medication for years in order for psilocybin to work I would have to wean off of it. I’ve done ketamine and I almost was in an MDMA trial and my medication’s chapman from the study

  2. I have suffered from depression anxiety (bp2) for as long as I can remember, I am an AA male aged 45, and the meds just don’t seem like they work as they should. I’d like to take part in this study, I can’t be in large crowds for more than 10 minutes before I start to get amped with anxiety and have to go stand away from crowds.

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