#TalkBD: Your bipolar questions answered for Bell Let’s Talk day!

January 30, 2020
#TalkBD: Your bipolar questions answered for Bell Let’s Talk day!

On Bell Let’s Talk Day 2020 – January 29th – CREST.BD network members Dr. Erin Michalak, Dr. Rob Tarzwell, Stéphanie Fontaine, Ryan Tine, Dr. Emma Morton, and Catherine Simmons took to Twitter for CREST.BD’s second #TalkBD event. Twitter users submitted a variety of questions about BD, which the team answered from both a lived experience perspective, and the perspective of medical professionals and researchers.

We’ve compiled all the questions and responses from the both this year’s #TalkBD event, as well as 2019’s, and categorized them into different talking points. Last year’s conversations also featured contributions from our partners at the International Bipolar Foundation and UBC Psychology.

   Mental health support on campus



   Bipolar disorder research


   Self-management strategies


   Employers and bipolar disorder at the workplace


   Treatment and medication


   Disclosing diagnosis






   Other conditions and bipolar disorder


   Educating Others


Our next Q&A session will be a Reddit AMA! Join us on World Bipolar Day, March 30th, on r/AMA. Or, check out last year’s AMA here.

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