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Bipolar Tech: Does it support self-management?

on August 24, 2016   |    No Comments

Through a number of studies – including the recent Delphi Consensus Consultation study – the CREST.BD team has identified several key self-management strategies helpful for people who have BD. These self-management strategies include ways to maintain balanced mood and prevent the progression of BD symptoms. From this study we have … Read more

interventions and self-care

Behind the Scenes: Bipolar Wellness Centre Research

on August 10, 2016   |    1 Comment

When I first heard about peer research a few years ago, I knew I wanted to be involved. Peer research involves people with lived experience working in partnership with a research team. What drew me to CREST.BD’s approach is that people with bipolar disorder inform the research priorities and outputs … Read more

community engagement

Movie Review: Infinitely Polar Bear

on July 27, 2016   |    2 Comments

There are more than a few movies about bipolar disorder, but there are few stories in movies that accurately reflect life with bipolar. One of these movies is Infinitely Polar Bear (2014), an hour and a half glimpse into the life of a family in the late 1970s with a father who … Read more


Why Self-Management in BD Is Important for Everyone

on July 20, 2016   |    3 Comments

The content of this poster is so important to me because it makes me realize that we have made progress in this study. As a peer researcher on this project, I have spent many hours working and years waiting to see what kind of difference we are going to make. … Read more

interventions and self-care