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Lingering Thoughts From a Mental Health Summit

on March 27, 2016   |    No Comments

In February, 2015, I attended the Summit, Canada’s largest student-driven mental health conference to date. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to attend the event and to reap its benefits; it was an inspiring weekend and I have seen many fellow delegates bring their mental health initiatives to … Read more


Sailing together – A healthcare provider’s guide to using the Bipolar Wellness Centre

on August 18, 2015   |    No Comments

Healthcare providers working with individuals with bipolar disorder can benefit from using CREST.BD’s Bipolar Wellness Centre in a number of ways. This can be done independently by the healthcare provider in order to increase their familiarity with current, evidence-based, psychosocial interventions, or in collaboration with their client to assist in case formulation and … Read more

quality of life

Empathy in the details: BYAP Forum #1

on August 11, 2015   |    No Comments

July 12 saw the first community forum of the Bipolar Youth Action Project, a collaboration of CREST.BD and the Bipolar Disorder Society of British Columbia. Held at the Victoria Event Centre, the forum welcomed 21 youth all with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder (BD), to discuss coping and wellness strategies from their perspectives. “What works for you” served … Read more

community engagement interventions and self-care

The Quality of Life construct: definitions of QoL and QoL measurement in BD

on January 29, 2015   |    No Comments

People with lived experience of mental illness, researchers and healthcare providers alike are seeing quality of life (QoL) as increasingly valuable as an outcome measure when considering the impact and treatment of Bipolar Disorder (BD). The different focus of QoL measures is especially apparent when they are compared to symptom … Read more

quality of life