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“Shrooming” with Bipolar Disorder: A Psilocybin Survey Study

on June 9, 2020   |    5 Comments

Enthusiasm and emerging evidence for the potential therapeutic uses of psychedelic compounds has led researchers from University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) to begin plans to study psilocybin (the primary psychoactive compound in “magic mushrooms”) for the treatment of depression in adults with bipolar disorder. The UCSF lab is teaming … Read more


Making Chomavision – A documentary about Bob Choma, artist with bipolar disorder

on June 3, 2020   |    No Comments

Hi, Bruce Saunders here in Victoria, BC, Canada. I’m 69 and, though not diagnosed till 39, I now know now I’ve lived most of my life with Bipolar II. This documentary project is an attempt to describe the condition as I and a few others have experienced it. It also … Read more

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Working the Frontline Side by Side with Bipolar

on May 14, 2020   |    No Comments

COVID-19 has brought difficulties for us all. I find myself in the fortunate position of having full-time work and stability in my life. I work on the frontline helping individuals living with mental health and substance use conditions, which is a line of work I found through my own challenges … Read more

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Bipolar Disorder and COVID-19: Crisis and Opportunity

on May 12, 2020   |    2 Comments

This post presents background and key features on our new WikiJournal of Medicine article, “Working with Bipolar Disorder During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Both Crisis and Opportunity”.1 We are Emma Choplin and Caroline Vincent, two of the 13 authors of the paper, and we wrote this blog to inform the community … Read more

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