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Fighting Bipolar Disorder Stigma from Two Sides of the Coin

on May 17, 2017   |    No Comments

I was recently at the International Society for Bipolar Disorders (ISBD) conference alongside others from our team. During the conference, I gave a presentation called “Fighting Bipolar Disorder Stigma as a Researcher-Patient” that I’ve shared on my personal blog; you can read my presentation in full by clicking here. I … Read more

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Our Guide to the 2017 ISBD Conference

on May 3, 2017   |    No Comments

The International Society for Bipolar Disorders conference is happening this week from Thursday to Sunday. CREST.BD team members and friends from all over the world will be at the conference, and some of us are part of the scientific program (to search for a specific team member, click here). Here’s … Read more

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on April 26, 2017   |    3 Comments

En tant que jeune garçon et tout au long de ma vie d’adulte, j’ai toujours eu accès à d’excellents médecins de famille. Par contre, lors de ma retraite de la Fonction publique de l’Ontario et de mon déménagement de Kingston à Ottawa en 1998, j’ai vécu le plus sévère épisode … Read more

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In Search of a New Family Physician?

on April 26, 2017   |    No Comments

As a youngster and throughout my adult life, I always had easy access to excellent Family Physicians. However, upon my retirement from the Ontario Public Service when I moved to Ottawa from Kingston in 1998, I experienced my one and only severe manic episode at the age of 54. And … Read more

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