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Weekly blogs explore psychosocial interventions, quality of life, stigma, and community engagement through the eyes of diverse CREST.BD network members.

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Healing through Forgiveness: Bipolar in the Family

on April 19, 2017   |    No Comments

The author chooses to remain anonymous out of respect for the author’s family. For resources on dealing with bipolar disorder and relationships, click here.   Perhaps I was fortunate to grow up in a time when mental health issues were kept a bit hush-hush. For me, it meant that my … Read more

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Living in HOpe

on April 12, 2017   |    1 Comment

My name is Josy and I am an art therapist and student at Adler University, doing my Social Justice Practicum with Dr. Erin Michalak and the CREST.BD team. We have recently taken on a research partnership for a documentary taking place in a mental health facility. As part of that … Read more

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Overview of Our World Bipolar Day 2017 Events

on April 5, 2017   |    1 Comment

Last week on March 30th was World Bipolar Day, an annual and international event that spreads awareness of bipolar disorder. This year’s theme was the positive aspects of bipolar disorder, which is a topic we hope to continue inspiring as a network and a community of researchers, healthcare providers, people with … Read more

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World Bipolar Day 2017: From Saudi Arabia to Canada (Arabic Version)

on March 30, 2017   |    No Comments

مرحبا. أنا الدكتور أحمد الشايع. أستاذ مساعد في قسم علم النفس في جامعة الملك سعود بالرياض، المملكة العربية السعودية. أكتب لكم هذه التدوين من مركز الفريق التعاوني لدراسة الجوانب النفسية – الاجتماعية للإضطراب ثنائي القطب في جامعة بريتش كولومبيا في كندا، والمعروف بإختصار: CREST.BD – يمكن زيارة موقع المركز على … Read more

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