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Le World Bipolar Day 2017: From France to Canada

on March 30, 2017   |    1 Comment

As a symbol of the greatness and perils that can be associated with Bipolar Disorder (BD), World Bipolar Day (WBD) takes place on March 30th, the birthdate of Vincent Van Gogh. Worldwide events aim to boost efforts to bring a better quality of life to people living with BD and … Read more

quality of life

La Journée Mondiale des Troubles Bipolaires en France

on March 30, 2017   |    1 Comment

Le choix du jour anniversaire de la naissance de Van Gogh, le 30 mars, pour la tenue de la Journée Mondiale des Troubles Bipolaires (JMTB) nous rappelle toutes les difficultés et la potentialité des talents liées aux troubles bipolaires (TB). Ce jour-là des événements vont avoir lieu dans le monde … Read more

quality of life

Bipolar Blog and World Bipolar Day Vlog

on March 29, 2017   |    No Comments

World Bipolar Day is tomorrow and we have some goodies on the blog to share! You’ll be hearing from authors from all around the world in their native languages (and English, of course) to celebrate our international connections. We look forward to engaging with you online! If you’re located in … Read more

community engagement lived experience

The Week of World Bipolar Day 2017

on March 22, 2017   |    2 Comments

Each year on March 30th, the birthday of Vincent van Gogh, our team takes part in World Bipolar Day. Van Gogh was posthumously diagnosed as likely having lived with bipolar disorder; on World Bipolar Day, van Gogh’s life and works might help us to reflect on both the positives and … Read more

community engagement