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Why Self-Management in BD Is Important for Everyone

on July 20, 2016   |    3 Comments

The content of this poster is so important to me because it makes me realize that we have made progress in this study. As a peer researcher on this project, I have spent many hours working and years waiting to see what kind of difference we are going to make. … Read more

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Beautiful House, Crummy Driveway: Online Engagement for BD

on July 13, 2016   |    No Comments

In his preamble for the CANMAT1 “Engaging Patients in eHealth Technology-Enabled Care” symposium2 at the joint ISBD-ISAD meeting in Amsterdam, session chair Professor Raymond Lam states: “The strengths of eHealth lie in the potential for improved access to evidence-based research and care.  But inherent too are very real challenges relating to … Read more

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The Stigma-Violence Cycle

on July 6, 2016   |    No Comments

I’ve been working on a theory about how stigma causes violence. I started thinking about such a thing because, well, I’m a criminologist. My work involves people with mental illness (including bipolar disorder) who are involved in the criminal justice or legal systems, some who have been violent when they were … Read more


Turning Self-Stigma Into Self-Love: A Bipolar Perspective

on June 29, 2016   |    1 Comment

I have experienced a great deal of self-stigma resulting from having bipolar disorder, and I still do from time to time. For those who might be unclear as to what self-stigma is, here’s one way of thinking about it (from our webinar Stigma123): Self-stigma happens when a person with lived … Read more

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