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Moving beyond bipolar “misery statistics”

on July 25, 2013   |    1 Comment

Have you ever read a scientific paper on bipolar disorder? The majority begin in much the same way, with what our team members at the Spectrum Centre for Mental Health Research describe as “bipolar misery statistics.” These stats describe the lethal, disabling, and costly (at a personal and societal level) impacts of … Read more

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Introducing the Delphi Consultation Method: A study redefining what it means to be a bipolar “expert”

on June 4, 2013   |    No Comments

So, you likely don’t need me to tell you that self-management strategies (the things that people do for themselves in order to cope with a health condition, or improve their health) are important for living well with bipolar disorder. There’s been lots of research into self-management strategies for conditions like diabetes, and … Read more

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Quality control in the management of bipolar disorder: tracking clinical, functional and quality of life outcomes

on May 14, 2013   |    No Comments

I am an academic and clinical psychologist with a research interest in bipolar disorder. This post is about the challenge of measuring outcomes when we treat bipolar disorder. I think it’s an important topic, because what we measure largely determines what we try to achieve in treatment. How do we measure … Read more

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